Jax Genetics

Jax Genetics is located on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where location and climate intersect to create an environment primed for cannabis cultivation.  We pride ourselves on a standard of excellence.  Our vast foundation of legacy cannabis genetics provides us the opportunity to develop some of the world’s most exciting cannabis strains.

BC Bud is a household name and British Columbia is home to some of the finest cannabis in the world!  Ask any cannabis enthusiast what distinguishes our homeland and you will hear that British Columbian strains have a mythic reputation in the global cannabis community.

We are proud to bring our small-batch craft quality cannabis genetics to all of Canada!

Our Promise to you

Our Passion. Our Genetics. By Design.

Our master growers and cannabis sommelier spend each day giving their utmost to make sure that our cannabis genetics provide the perfect combination of traits to deliver the absolute best cannabis experience. All of our meticulous plant care effort is about bringing to market the finest cannabis seeds that will allow our customers the opportunity to experience the fullest expression of a plant's genetic potential. We are proud to offer our genetic library to Canadian consumers.