Jax Strait Blue


Jax Strait Blue, an Indica-dominant strain with moderate to high THC potency potential. Jax Strait Blue’s mother, BC Blueberry, is Indica-dominant and was created as a powerful descendant of the infamous Blueberry strain. With a delicious aroma of sweet blueberry, this dank bud has a spattering of dark purple hairs and sugary white trichomes. The father, Jax Hakuna, is a Sativa-dominant strain with moderate to strong THC potency potential. A crossbreed of the rare Nakahama strain with the famous land strain, Texada Timewarp.





Estimated Flowering Time: 8 – 11 weeks

THC Potential: 17% - 22%

CBD Potential: < 1%

Jax Strait Blue


BC Blueberry

Jax Hakuna

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