Jax Widow's Venom


Jax Widow’s Venom, an Indica-dominant strain with very high THC potency potential. Jax Widow’s Venom’s mother, White Widow, has been familiar since the early 90’s and can easily be found atop most cannabis aficionado’s short list. With citrus and peppery scents that are accompanied by a lemony aftertaste. The father, a SoCal Master Kush, is Indica-dominant with unknown parentage, it is rumoured to be a high-powered descendant of OG Kush or Master Kush. A wonderful citrus and peppery scent followed by a smooth and tasteful aftertaste.



Estimated Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks

THC Potential: 20% - 25%

CBD Potential: < 1%

Jax Widow's Venom


White Widow

SoCal Master Kush

Available in:
  • British Columbia
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